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Quick chronology

  • born in the seventies in Africa
  • the 80s is a blur of playing LEGO, watching “Karate films” on VHS, and playing way too much Contra
  • start programming in early nineties
  • experience mid-life crises in late nineties, write an exegesis on the world, but sell the computer it’s on

Yes, it was a tricky time. In fact, I looked a bit like an African David Foster Wallace back then. Let’s continue…

  • briefly join a few bands and make “interesting” alternative music whilst burning through a small lump sum
  • hop over to Europe from Africa in the early 2000s with a view expand mind
  • said mind increasingly runs in circles thinking of different things, like a terrible polyglot
  • meet significant other around 2010s and finally feel like someone’s got my back
  • the continuance of purpose is momentarily side-tracked by the arrival of offspring
  • said offspring becomes more autonomous, so I start a masters in gamedev
  • here we are now

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