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Some intranet applications (and some unintuitive web applications) can be confusing at times regarding navigation and how to get a task done. Training can be expensive.

WebHelper is a tool with which you can pre-record mouse movements, clicks, and the related help-text.

Imagine going to a page with a workflow you’re unfamiliar with. You click the WebHelper icon in the corner, and the page comes to life: a white section appears at the bottom or top of the page, and it populates with text as the cursor takes on a life on it’s own and shows you where the first button is which you have to press. Or something like that. It’s kinda like that utility with which you can create an AVI movie of a session. In this case it will be Javascript-based, and no costly and time-consuming movie downloads.

Latest News on WebHelper

I have the engine ready with which mouse movements and clicks can be recorded. Currently working on the event engine.

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