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The Light Agency


This is a post about my work with Mobilize Systems (previously The Light Agency)

The Light Agency was spearheaded by Marc Lewis — a tour de force of creation. I remember being in the interview when Marc came into the boardroom on his Segway, with his signature pyjama bottoms. I saw Marc again later when he was a Wayra mentor (when I did pollarize.me). I was an absolute honour to have Marc as our visionary leader. He’s a great guy, and you’d be privileged to meet him some time.

My immediate manager, Jason Griffin, was ex-BBC, and a stickler for quality. I learnt a lot from Jason (I almost wrote JSON). If I’ve learnt anything from Jason, it would be to deliver the absolute perfect yet simple piece of software you can concieve, in the shortest amount of time. No minimim viable product — just maximum perfection, like yesterday.

Stuff done

As always, a bulleted list of stuff implemented at The Light Agency. Everything implemented in Java unless otherwise specified; no particular order.

  • MBargo - “Text ‘join’ to 62111”; bar-code on mobile phone that boosts sales via offers; multi-tiered project /w Join Server, web services between MBargo Offers and partner’s POS (JBoss and SOAP/JMS/EJB3.0); content negotiation
  • iCue (http://www.i-cue.co.uk/) - mobile ebook reader; multi-mode; J2ME on Nokia S60, SE, Motorola, etc; book store in partnership with Bango
  • Misc: XSLT which parses the WURFL (http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/) and imports the data into a PostgresQL database
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