Juan Uys

Twenty Fifteen


Let’s make this a quick one. I’m a busy dad, you know.

First of all, nothing come close to the friendship I’ve developed with my wee little girl this year. She’s two and a half now, and becoming ever more switched on. She embraced the recent house move admirably. She also has a sneaky sense of humour, and will make a great fighter one day. (Coming from a civilised man, this means intellectual fighting, like the ones you encounter in a court room. Naturally.)

Did I mention a new house? Yes, I did. It’s great. Right next to an Ofsted outstanding (for 20 years running) school. And a park in the back. This means no-one overlooks us. Which is great. I’m earmarking the garage as a dual study slash workshop. Stay tuned.

A quick word on tech. I’ve mostly been at Conde Nast this year, heading up the API team. Our remit is ever expanding, so soon we’ll re-incorporate to something more “platform team” -like. My immediate team uses JavaScript, but we’ll be doing more Clojure/ClojureScript soon, and have been getting our hands dirty with a lot of ops involving Kubernetes, Docker, etc.

Personally, I’ve been doing a lot of stuff in Racket this year. Mostly personal projects still under wraps.

OK, so my wife is calling me from upstairs now. Talking of which. She is great. This blog post is dedicated to her. You are a strong, beautiful woman in the face of all the hiccups you’ve encountered through-out your life (including me!). I love you.

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