Juan Uys

Dishoom It Yourself


Dishoom makes a mean breakfast, and here’s how you can do it yourself using a few things from the fridge and that naan you forgot about after last night’s curry take-out.

  • crisp a pack of bacon under the grill and render the fat right off
  • slap the naan under the grill (mine was Peshwari) and warm it both sides
  • scoop 2 large tablespoons of Branston Pickle into a ramekin
  • add 10 or so shakes of Tabasco to the pickle, then mix
  • open up the naan and spread some Philidelphia soft cream cheese
  • layer the bacon and the pickle
  • sprinkle some chopped coriander and black pepper over
  • cover, fold and slice

I haven’t taken a photo of my food since I paid money for Hipstamatic photo filters, but here you go:

anglo-indian bacon butty

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