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Often I’d like to start a new project, but shaving-the-yak quickly kicks in, and I start doing things like:

Writing all the software from scratch

I’d like to start a web comic, but it has to be self-hosted, because:

  • I’m an indie-webber
  • I don’t want to pay for a hosted solution
  • Something exists, but it doesn’t have quite all the features I want

I then also think things like “Ah, this is the opportune moment to learn language X, so I’ll start re-inventing Wheel badly in that”.

Nothing ends up getting done, because Wheel takes the back-seat after a while, especially when that Other creative impulse comes creeping back.

(note to self: Put the pen down. Look for that hosted solution. Do an MVP. Remember that you wanted to release a web comic, not web comic software.)

I learn something on the job

…but have to write a blog post about the thing I learnt first. Like this post.

(note to self: It’s good to make a note of those moments of clarity, but do it quickly and move on quickly.)

My creative rhythm isn’t compatible with the life I chose

You do your best work when

  • the sun is down
  • it is 5AM
  • you’ve had the opportunity to wake up slowly over the course of 2 hours, and is finally in the zone

Well, you can’t anymore.

If you go to bed too late, you’ll have to wake up with the family early the next morning anyway. Children need feeding and getting dressed, and you can’t be a groggy arse around them.

Creating things in the evening might encroach on you and your spouse’s together-time, because he/she mightn’t have the same rhythm as you do.

(note to self: Either learn to force yourself to work on someone else’s schedule, or choose a life which suits you.)

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