Don't let the process get in the way.


During week 2 we applied some of the ideation techniques we discussed in the course.

We were encouraged to experiment with techniques we haven’t with before (to learn about them; to get a feel for them), and what I noticed was some of us completely stumbled over a few of the techniques.

Case in point: SCAMPER. Some of us thought you literally had to apply each of the steps, and in order. This might or mightn’t be the way this technique was intended to be used, but then I also discovered the Creative Thinkpak, which encourages you to try a random SCAMPER until you have a breakthrough. (I ended up sharing this insight with my cohort.)

Much has been said about using the “right tool for the job” and “tools don’t solve problems, people do” but sometimes tools get in the way. We have to be mindful of this and apply a manner of meta-creativity in how we use our tools: either we use the tool differently, or use a different tool altogether.

Be agile. People over processes. Put yourself ahead of your tools.


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This post is part of my critical reflective journal.

This post was written during week 4 of the module Development Practice.

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