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Week 5 — Funding and budgeting


Welcome to week 5 of the module indie game startup.

A quick reflection

In the “friends, family & fools” section on the lecturer’s video, he says he couldn’t find examples of gamedevs who were funded this way (i.e. by getting money from friends and family).

Actually, there are plenty: if you consider time instead of money as the source of funding, there are many examples of long-suffering partners who pick up the slack while the gamedev works on something in their spare time. They are the ones who put the kids to bed in the evenings, or take them out on the weekends while the gamedev cracks on. Or in the case of childless couples, they are the ones who spend the evenings on the sofa alone watching Netflix or visit friends on the weekends without the gamedev partner.

Are you a self-funding, bootstrapped gamedev working on weekends and in the evenings? Go and give your partner a hug right now, as they are the ones who are investing in their own special way, by spending their evenings alone, or taking care of the bulk of the childcare duties. They are your number one investor.

This post is part of my critical reflective journal and was written during week 5 of the module indie game startup.

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