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The latest prototype is on itch.io.

As a disgruntled ex-London commuter, I’ve had this idea milling in my head about a commuter which takes revenge on all the annoying things that’s ever happened to them on public transport.

Here are the latest design documents:

The source code is here.

Older version

Contumacious Commuter started in 2016 as a mobile game made with Unity. The (incomplete) GDD talks about the art style, which is something I was quite excited about illustrating and animating: using SquiggleVision characters, perhaps super-imposed over real train interiors (and other forms of public transport).

Unfortunately, the hex library I was using at the time had a new version come out which had a completely different API. I was stuck and the developers dragged their feet supporting me on the old version, continuously urging me to get the new version. I don’t mind paying for tools, but I was going to have to rewrite a bunch of stuff, so things fell by the wayside.

The idea lives on as a card game, though. But that is sadly also a work in progress… Meanwhile, I’m playing as many card games as I can, and learning how to design a good card game.

Behold, placeholder graphics and one SquiggleVision character:


If you came here from the game to leave feedback, then thank you!

The form is here -> https://forms.gle/CArsNTDyGnfmG9gW7

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