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Using Clojure with Unity3D inside Docker


I braced myself for a thorough hack to get Clojure working in Unity3D, and found that it’s already been done.

So, I instead spent my time implementing a subset of Flappy Bird.

flappy bird

When using Unity3D, I can imagine most of the work going into asset creation, story/level progression and play testing. This is the only real code I wrote:

A bird

(defcomponent Bird [^Vector2 force]
  (Start [this]
         (reset! score 0))
  (Update [this]
          (swap! score (fn [n] (+ n Time/deltaTime)))
          (if (Input/anyKeyDown)
            (.. this (GetComponent Rigidbody2D)
            ;; flap yer wings, bud!
                (AddForce force ForceMode2D/Impulse))))
  (OnCollisionEnter2D [this collision]
                      (if (= (.. collision gameObject tag) "Boundary")

Move some pipes

(defcomponent MovingPipe [^float speed]
  (Update [this] (pipe-update this)))

(defn +- []
  (if (= 0 (rand-int 2))

(defn pipe-update [^MovingPipe this]
  (.. this transform (Translate (* (.speed this) Time/deltaTime)
  (if (< (.. this transform position x)
    (set! (.. this transform position)
          (Vector3. 1
                    ((+-) ; fluctuating pipe heights
                     (.. this transform position y)
                     (* 0.3 (rand)))

Oh, and I did mention that I’m doing all of this inside Docker.

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