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My new £85 standing desk


I recently converted a new home office to keep my gadgets, tools and art out of reach of tiny little fingers. The remaining piece of furniture is a desk for drawing on.

IKEA sells a cheap adjustable desk called LINNMON/FINNVARD, and here I show how I modified the desk to adjust even higher.

The mods

All those websites promising cut-to-size timber sounded promising, but the quotes are always bumped too high by shipping costs. quote for cut-to-size wood

47 quid is a bit steep, so I saw this at my local B&Q for a tenner.

In fact, when we got to B&Q, it was cheaper. I managed to pick up a plank and a 16mm drill bit for a £10.

The timber I bought was not exactly 20mm X 55mm, but the IKEA trestles offer some leeway, which I took advantage of.

Final product

Here’s the difference between the old adjusters and mine.


Also, due to the sloping floor in my garage, I go a notch lower on the left side to keep the table level.


There we have it: a nice spacious quasi- draughtsman’s desk for £85.

et voila

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