Juan Uys


0. (glance); (nod)
1. Hi; hey.
2. All right? Yup, you?
3. Well to do; wears a suit.
4. Polite enough; reveals not much.
5. Everything matches; the hedges are trimmed.
6. A master called Balance; family schooled in thrift.
7. Your eyes hidden behind specs; What's your secret, Mister X?
8. Mechanical like your pencil; Could there be something more to you?
7. I'll play devil's advocate; presume you're only human.
6. You undo your collar; just back from the office.
5. Time for my neighbour; I can hear you think.
4. Turning this way; eye contact made.
3. Goodness me; Is this it?
2. A wave; pops over.
1. Beer? Sure!
0. (nod); (smile)
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