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Now that we have a few cards we can start thinking about gameplay, back-story, heroes (if any), and so forth.

This is exciting!

Let’s start with the back-story…

Initial thoughts

So, you start out as a clean-cut, neutral-etc commuter. Cut-scene: Gets on a train; sits down; offers seat later when elderly gets on; train stops - let others off first; someone bumps into you but YOU say sorry (generally you get the picture that you’re getting the short end when commuting).

Then, one of the following happens (amongst other endless possible things):

PS skip to story idea #3, which is my favourite

Story idea #1

you snap and act up

Contumacious Commuter is the story of a commuter who SNAPS after getting the short end of the stick whenever they commute, and then commits every infraction possible on public transport to “get back at them”.

Story idea #2

a competing transport agency pays you big bucks to act up

Contumacious Commuter is the story of a commuter who gets paid a lot of money to act up on a rival transport company’s transportation. You can continue doing so until you’re caught out, or you can turn double agent.

Story idea #3

(this is like story idea #2, but instead of getting paid, your cat is kidnapped)

someone kidnaps your cat; “we’re watching you”, and you have to act up to get kitty back

Contumacious Commuter is the story of a commuter who has to commit every infraction possible on public transport to ensure their kidnapped pet is safely returned to them. The kidnapper is a rival transport tycoon who wants to wreak havoc with the incumbent, and you’re the puppet.

Intro video/strip about two reigning public transport corporations competing, being in the news, one doing better and better by the day, while the other is being left in the mud more and more. Show the failing boss (antagonist) pulling his hair out, getting desperate, etc.

Your cat is kidnapped, and to get it back you have an ultimate goal set to you by the antagonist: make public transport a dire place to be for all commuters. (toward the end of the game, all manner of infraction would have been unlocked, and players will have noticed that public transport - being the already unpleasant place that it is - could be much worse. The antidote? Be nice!)

The ending

You reach the last station of the game. You feel a bit bad for being so naughty all this time. The antagonist congratulates you - confidence in Acme Transport Co is at an all time low.

A detective shows up, having been chasing the antagonist all along. You lead the detective to the antagonist. You also get nicked for ASBO.

The judge orders community service, and you get back on trains and only do good things, like hugs. (the bonus level at the end to “repair” your damage)

You’re back with your beloved cat.


Would the initial run of cards I made work well as these infractions?

What do you think?

Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Ideas for progression could be:

  • high scores
  • clues as to where your cat is
  • number of heroes/bosses beaten

Stay chooned!

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