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Week 6 — Reading week


Week 6 was supposed to be a welcome break from the busy schedule to catch up on my game, but instead I filled my new-found time with more busywork:

  • we’re fixing up the house (instead of doing the planned renovation + extension over the summer) so we can sell and move closer to family
  • we’ve had a few viewings already
  • I participated in the 7DRL challenge
  • I’ve been hunting for more creative work, and might do a bit of work with a friend

Game jam

The game jam was a long time coming. I set a goal last year to do at least one game jam a month (or, at least make a small game every month), but I’ve only managed Santa Saunter in December, completely coming up dry in January and February.

Football Crawl ended up with a really interesting game mechanic, which is that you can kick a football and it would move continuously in a traditionally turn-based Roguelike setting. I discovered a few new (to me) and really nice Tilemap features of Godot engine, like auto-tiling with bitmasking, and navigation (for NPCs).

Creative work

The near-future creative work might involve a bit of Unreal Engine, but will mostly involve building a new streaming video pipeline, and I’ll have to trawl the recesses of my mind and try and remember some of that C++ I did back at uni in 1998/99. I can’t say more about it, but stay tuned. These are baby steps to my goal of becoming a full-time creative.

This post is part of my critical reflective journal and was written during week 6 of the module game development.

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