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Week 7 — Animation


Week 7 is all about animation.

Contumacious Commuter is ultimately a card game. Since cards are the main game mechanic, I thought it important that those animations be most appealing.

Card animation

The characters share a very basic attack animation: they move towards their opponent. They also share a very basic damage animation: they flash red. Here I show both:


In the interest of time, the characters will get one extra animation, hopefully with the help of a shared shader: SquiggleVision, just to make the stuff on the battle area less static.

And then I also plan to add a parallax background visible through the windows, as the train moves.

The personal tutor also suggested just squashing and stretching the characters up and down slightly to make an idle, and starting the background animations by just putting some movement lines going past. I could also try wobbly the camera and/or train carriage to get that train vibe.

Not much more to share, as it’s still Busytown over here.

This post is part of my critical reflective journal and was written during week 7 of the module game development.

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