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Week 5 — Team norming


I was on holiday during week 5. As alluded to in previous posts, we’re moving to Cheltenham, and I spent a large chunk of the previous module looking for a house. However, the one we found fell through, but we were still committed to letting our buyers complete before the end of June to take advantage of the stamp duty holiday. We therefore had to find all sorts of temporary accommodation. So, we stayed in a hotel last week next to Tower Of London, after a frantic week of packing, putting half our stuff in long-term storage, another bit in easy-access storage, and spill-over in the neighbour’s garage (bless ‘em). Then on the weekend just gone, we moved into a friend’s empty flat (no contract) which will tide us over until the end of the month. School will then be finished, and we’ll be moving down to Stroud to stay in an AirBNB for a month (and bringing all the easy-access stuff along to put in a new easy-access location). Then, hopefully the current house we have an offer on will become available, otherwise, we have another friend in Cheltenham who has a spare few rooms in her house.

I was glad, however, that our team made foundational decisions about our product early on, which leaves some room for down-time. Our processes and tools are also light, and doesn’t get in the way.

I did spend a tiny amount of time on Sunday night doing a bit of creative writing for the product. It didn’t come easily, as I was super tired from the back-breaking week just gone.

Week development log

2021-07-04 Sunday

  • Wrote another passage, and put it in the Twine demo
  • Pushed back on another idea which will disrupt the current content-creation process

This post is part of my critical reflective journal and was written during week 5 of the module co-creative development.

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