Week 6 — Practice pitch week



Week development log

2021-07-05 Monday

We had the team supervisor catch-up, and I’m happy to be acknowledged for keeping the project on track by playing devil’s advocate on new feature suggestions. This stems from acquiring many battle scars in the early years of my career, seeing projects overrun, or get shut down because of spiraling costs. I’ve been lucky lately to be in more mature teams who know how to say No, and focus on the essentials. I am myself a big fan of essentialism, having devoured McKeown’s book .

2021-07-06 Tuesday

I started catching up on the recording of the first 5 pitches to gather some tips for our own pitch on Thursday. Glad we’re going last!

2021-07-07 Wednesday

I continued catching up on the recording and making notes for the team. I also drew up a doc for a naming system for our creative writing passages, as the creative writing will start in a shared doc, and end up in Twine and Unity, so we need a way to key passages to scenes in the game.

We had a catch-up in the evening to go over the pitch. It was good we had done so, in the end, as there was lots to cover, and we made a TODO list of who’s doing what for the slide deck.

2021-07-08 Thursday

It was a bit of a frantic day to get the deck ready in time for the evening’s presentation. Unfortunately, we were all very late getting the deck ready for 3PM so I could make a video from it. I think the last edit was made at 5h40PM, at which point I’m already into my personal evening routine (2 small kids, that need to get bathed, fed, etc, are quite tired and very loud that time of day), so there was no way I was going to squeeze in a video between 6 and 8PM when we were due. Josh, bless him, volunteered and created us a video in the nick of time.

I made a list of all the feedback points.

2021-07-09 Friday

I asked the team for all their feedback, so I can collate, set up a meeting, and come up with a new TODO list for the next sprint. I also set up a week 6 pitch port-mortem retro.


    This post is part of my critical reflective journal and was written during week 6 of the module co-creative development.

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