Week 7 — Performing


Weekly development log

2021-07-10 Saturday

No responses yet from the requests made on Friday. Trying to set up a SWOT board on Miro as per week 7’s spark forum, but one of the team first has to delete an unused board as Miro has a 3-board limit on the free plan.

2021-07-12 Monday

Had team catch-up. We decided to cut it short, as we all have some personal work and blogging to catch up on (also, an absence). Glad to see the team’s participating in the retro.

2021-07-13 Tuesday

I participated some more in the team retrospectives I created on EasyRetro (FunRetro n.d.), and noticed another suggestion to turn our product into a platform. Judging by how far we got in 6 weeks, and the fact that we have 6 weeks left, immediately sounded some alarm bells as this being something we should attempt to implement, but rather allude to in our pitch as a future income stream.


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This post is part of my critical reflective journal and was written during week 7 of the module co-creative development.

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