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Let's get SMART.


And here on this last day of week 5, I manage to squeeze in the challenge activity (no, not the game jam). Phew!

The challenge

Step 1

Review each of the entries you created in your journal one at a time. Which of the five reflective domains are mentioned? Edit each individual entry and use the tagging system to tag it with the reflective domains mentioned. Multiple domain tags can be used for a single entry if the content spans multiple reflective domains.

Step 2

Tally up the number of times each reflective domain tag is used throughout the journal. This data could be visualised in a table or documented in text form. Note this down and acknowledge any imbalances. Which domain is the most dominant in your journal? Which domain needs more consideration in your reflection? Consider how you can address any imbalances in the future.

Step 3

Review the content in your journal. Acknowledge entries that could be used to help formulate a SMART goal. Identify the highest priority entries and create two or three SMART goals that build on the reflection from the journal entries. Remember, SMART goals must be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time bound.

I’ve completed the first two steps a few days ago, so here follows step 3. I’m going to shake it up a bit, and go beyond SMART goals by borrowing the SMARTER concept, and writing them in the past tense, from Gavin.

Also, I didn’t want my goals to get lost in a blog post, so I’m giving them more prominence on their own page.

Here are some other goal-setting strategies I might experiment with, given time:

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