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All my posts relating to the masters are tagged with “ma”.

However, not all those posts are critical reflective journal entries, so those are also tagged with “crj”.

Domains of reflection

We are encouraged to tag each post with one or more of the below tags depending on the content.

Domain Description
dispositional time management, motivation, general behaviour, discipline
affective all aspects of how you deal with feelings, experiences and emotions;
emotional intelligence;
key skills: emotional awareness, self-assessment
interpersonal effectively working with others, and all the skills involved:
- verbal/non-verbal comms
- listening
- negotiation
- problem solving
- decision-making
- assertiveness
cognitive assess strengths and weaknesses in your approach to learning;
identify trajectories of learning that will compliment your ambitions and career paths
procedural all about identifying skills you already have, and identifying where improvements are needed

Breakdown of current posts by domain

Here’s a little dataviz to show which domains my reflections touch on. (Some posts touch on multiple domains.)

There are currently 54 reflections.











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